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Not Your Nana's Needlework: Bargello Crochet Row Designs

Not Your Nana's Needlework: Bargello Crochet Row Designs

By Laura Pavy

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Bargello Crochet, Row Designs is the first in a series of crochet books with unique patterns inspired by vintage needlework.

Bargello Crochet has been inspired by traditional Bargello (sometimes called ‘Florentine’) Needlework designs. Needlework (embroidery on canvas or hessian) dates back to the Middle Ages and became popular in the 1970’s as a part of the New Age Movement.

There are three fundamental types of traditional Bargello designs; row designs, motif designs and four way designs. Each of the three designs are formed by the repeated working of a single ‘unit’. The three designs differ mainly by the character of the repeat unit. This book is demonstrates the first of these designs in CROCHET – Row Designs.

The novelties of row designs in Bargello Crochet are the pixelated effect of chevrons and the ability to create waves, peaks and valleys of varying heights and widths. Because the patterns are created using ‘multiples of’ you can create an afghan for baby or for a king size bed!

Bargello Crochet looks more complicated than it really is; using only basic stitches allowing the beginner to challenge their new skill or the more experienced to play with something new. Once you have the initial few rows made, the rest is easy-peasy! As soon as you get the hang of the pattern stitch, you won’t even need to look at the pattern.


Doreen Smith,

Am very excited about your book Laura, can't wait to see it,YIPPI.


Wonderful book such great designs. So easy once the first 2 rows have been worked. So much variety loving doing these.

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Not Your Nana's Needlework: Bargello Crochet Row Designs

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